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Grow Bloom Vigor
Organic Activator Flourish! Essential Elements
Advanced Applications

Liquid Earth nutrient system dosage calculator
Enter ml/gal of each component in respective cells below to determine the concentration of each element in the resulting nutrient solution.

vigor ml/gal
grow ml/gal
bloom ml/gal
total nitrogen (n) 0.00 ppm
ammonium-n (nh4-n) 0.00 ppm
nitrate-n (no3-n) 0.00 ppm
phosphorus (p) 0.00 ppm
potassium (k) 0.00 ppm
calcium (ca) 0.00 ppm
magnesium (mg) 0.00 ppm
sulfur (s) 0.00 ppm
iron (fe) 0.00 ppm
manganese (mn) 0.00 ppm
zinc (zn) 0.00 ppm
copper (cu) 0.00 ppm
boron (b) 0.00 ppm
molybdenum (mo) 0.00 ppm
cobalt (co) 0.00 ppm
total 0.00 ppm