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The liquid earth® Nutrient System

A Super Growth Supplement For Potted Plants

Elements Essential for Perfect Plant Health

If you're still feeding your favorite potted plants with hardware store brand fertilizer, beware! Plants can't live on a diet of "bread and water" alone. Only liquid earth® can provide plants with all the elements essential for perfect plant health.

Since plants grown in containers are 100% reliant on the food and water that's brought to them, feeding them with liquid earth will ensure they live up to their true genetic potential to produce the most beautiful foliage and flowers possible while adding all of their natural splendor to your indoor or outdoor environment.

The Nanny

Dear Futuregarden:

I wanted to write to let you know about your product Liquid Earth. Normally I don't write to companies, but I've been so pleased with the results after using Liquid Earth with my African Violets that I had to let you know. I have notices a very big difference in their growth & color. They have the same color & health that a baby plant would have. My plants never looked as healthy as they do now. I also have hanging African Violets and they are doing just as great! I have used other products in the past and did not get nearly the results that Liquid Earth has given my plants. African Violets can sometimes be hard to fertilize, but the combination of Bloom & Vigor have worked wonderfully. Thank you so much for the opportunity to use your products.


Madeline B. Collins (Nanny)

Stronger Stems, Thicker Foliage

Dear Futuregarden:

Like most people, I have a hard time accepting ridiculous claims about plant invigorators and magic potions unless I see these amazing results for myself. After talking to a very knowledgeable FutureGarden representative, I decided to pick up a bottle of Organic Activator and skeptically put it to the test. I've had good luck germinating seeds in the past, about a 75% success rate. This time, with only a few mL's added to a gallon of tap water, my seeds germinated more than 4 days sooner with a 95% success rate. Previously, after transplanting seedling to dirt, it was not unusual to lose a few. However, this time I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't lose any seedlings! In addition, they were bigger, thicker, and greener than I have ever seen them so early in life. After only 2 weeks I noticed remarkable secondary leaf growth and shoot formation. Not only were there more shoots, internode spacing was dramatically decreased! I don't believe in magic or luck when it comes to growing, only time honored methods and tangible evidence can convince me. Organic Activator is the best, one of the cheapest, and most effective product I have in my growing supply cabinet. I definitely recommend this product for everyone. Finally, someone has found a way to incorporate organic compounds with hydroponics systems that won't clog pumps or emitters.

Thank you Futuregarden!


Dominic Granger