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Essential Elements

Fulvic Mineral Matrix is Rich in 74 Colloidal Ions

Naturally Derived from Plants

Use to help plants maximize their genetic potential to yield flowers rich with color and fragrant essential oils, and fruits and vegetables ripe with flavor and vitamins.

Our exclusive source of soft humic shale, from which Essential Elements is derived, was formed by the organic composting of hudreds of lush tropical forests which rose and fell with the advance and retreat of the nutrient rich sea. This combination of earth and ocean minerals and their ratios to one another make Essential Elements superior in content and quality!

Since our source material has never been exposed to geological forces, we’re able to perform the extraction with only pure, warm water and no chemicals! This unique process reactivates the Fulvic fractions which disperse ionic and colloidal minerals evenly throughout. Fulvic acid helps maintain the electrical charges that are so vital to the health of living cells.

Directions for Use

Store at 60°. Essential Elements is extremely concentrated; shake well before us. 1 tsp will raise the TDS in 1 gallon of water by approximately 160 PPM. For best results, start off light and gradually build to a heaver dose until no additional benefits are realized.

Dilution Ratios for General Purpose Use

In tsp per gal of water: 1 tsp=5 ml,1 tbsp=15 ml,1 oz=30 ml.

Available in the following sizes: