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The liquid earth® Nutrient System

Lawn And Garden Applications

Setting The New Standard

liquid earth® was developed from the ground up to offer hydroponic growers better results with more control and flexibility than competing multi-part brands.

  • Maximum performance, easier to use!
  • Independent Grow and Bloom micro nutrient sets
  • Faster acting, more gentle formula
  • Exclusive BioDelivery blending process

Easy To Use, More Powerful

While the liquid earth system consists of three parts; Vigor, Grow and Bloom, growers need only use two at a time which makes caring for your crop easier, less time consuming and less costly. liquid earth accomplishes with two parts what others require three to do by blending both Grow and Bloom with their own micro nutrient sets targeted specifically to the stage of growth (Grow=Vegetative & Bloom=Reproductive).

Exclusive, Multiple Micro-Nutrient Sets

Another advantage of our double, independently targeted micro set lies in the added control and flexibility one has over their crop when the Nitrate load (and subsequent vegetative growth) can be varied independently of, and without consequence to, the micro nutrient load required by fast growing flowers and fruit bearing plants.

With this proven approach, the use of additional supplements in the nutrient solution "balancing act" is a thing of the past. Furthermore, liquid earth uses no coloring or aromatic agents to improve its appearance or smell, it's rich, natural coloring comes directly from the highest quality essential elements we blend in from the start.