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Organic Activator

Stimulate Plant Enzymes and Chlorophyll Activity

Produce More Energy for Growth

Organic Activator does exactly what its name implies. By stimulating plant enzymes and chlorophyll activity to produce more energy for growth, Organic Activator is an organic catalyst that works by improving the uptake and effectiveness of all types of plant nutrients.

Organic Activator's powerful chelation action helps keep essential elements and minerals available and mobile within the plant which in many cases allows the grower to reduce feedings and obtain the same results. The Soluble Silicon component in Organic Activator also helps to strengthens cell walls which improves a plants ability to survive heat and water stress and fend off many sucking pests and pathogens that can enter through soft tissue. Watch your plants respond in just days after initial treatment with richer green leaves (enhanced chlorophyll) and rigid growth. Derived from an exclusive source of Humate, the soluble salt of Humic Acid.

Directions for Use

Store at 60°-75°F (15°-24°C) out of direct light. Highly concentrated-shake well before use.

Dilution Ratios for General Purpose Use

In tsp per gal of water: 1 tsp=5 ml,1 tbsp=15 ml,1 oz=30 ml

Available in the following sizes: