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The Liquid Earth® Nutrient System
Results Proven By Independent Study

Clearly shows a 500% difference in rate of growth over Surviving competitors. From left to right; liquid earth, Peter's Professional and Miracle-Gro
Clearly shows a thicker frame and denser foliage, which in turn supports a more abundant and healthier fruit set. From left to right; liquid earth, Peter's Professional, Miracle-Gro and Schultz
Shows a 400% increase in root density over leading brand. From left to right; liquid earth and Miracle-Gro

Advanced Applications

In a marketplace dominated by big brands and even bigger advertising budgets, it's difficult to get a specialty product noticed. That's why we decided to ask the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the esteemed University of Connecticut to put liquid earth to the test against the big brands and let the results speak for themselves.
Here's What They Found:

After four weeks: Plants fed liquid earth(formely know as Above & Beyond) average 33% more leaves.

After five weeks; Plants fed liquid earth average 56% thicker stalks.

After six weeks; Plants fed liquid earth average 35% taller.

As you can see by the results of this study, feeding your plants with anything other than liquid earth is like putting them on a diet of bread and water which can seriously impede their development and ultimately the benefits you receive from them.
Be sure to give your plants uninterrupted access to all the elements essential, try liquid earth.

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